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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Overheard conversation

Zeke and one of his very best friends, a two-year-old girl who lives next door, were having a fairly involved discussion by toddler standards, which I overheard part of.

Z.: Can you come to my house?
K.: No. I don't want Jimmy to hiss at me.
Z.: Do you like Jimmy?
K.: No, I don't like Jimmy.
Z.: Do you like Lucy?
K.: Yeah, I like Lucy.
Z.: Do you like Hector?
K.: Who's Hector?
Z.: He's a cat.

I didn't hear where it went after this. And yes, it's true; to our chagrin, Jimmy has started hissing and swatting at small children (sometimes older people, too). Seems like he finally got fed up with the stress of having two little kids in the house. Hopefully he won't get too much nastier.

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Anonymous said...

I can just hear it, and it makes me giggle.