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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Update: Talia & the rest of us

Everyone's home from the hospital now. Mary (my mother) is staying with us. Things are far from being back to normal, but they seem to be progressing in that direction. Talia's very happy to be home, but still not really comfortable; she wolfed down a lot of solid food at dinnertime (which she's had very little of in the last three days) and then promptly threw it all up again. Heather's now trying to get her to sleep, and she's complaining a lot. Zeke is kind of freaked out by the whole situation. He was overjoyed to see his mother after four days, of course, and it was truly charming to watch how happy he and Talia were to be reunited. Talia got all worked up when she saw him and started shouting and putting her hands out to him, and he came over and kissed her. He keeps looking at the incision and asking, "Why does Tally have a line on her head?" (My answer is, "That's where the doctors were fixing her head.") Zeke however does not want to be alone at all; he has been putting up an incredible fight at bedtime and acting very clingy, whiny and cranky (unusual for him). Anyhow, as someone remarked to me, it seems as though we've sort of all been running on adrenaline over the past two weeks, and now reality's about to set in. I have to return to my classes tomorrow morning. Heather's taking the next week off. And, well, that's about where things stand right now.

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