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Monday, June 14, 2010

We got the birth announcement for the new cousin today and the kids liked it

The kids spent a while admiring the cuteness of Scout's birth
announcement. If you can't tell from the photo, the inspired stylist
behind this shot put her in a pea-pod costume. Zeke was feeling a
little surly, but he had to agree she was cute. Here was the

Talia: "Zeke, do you like her clothes?"
Zeke: "Those aren't clothes."
Talia: "What are they?"
Zeke: "That's a onesie."
Talia: "Zeke, do you like her wurnzie?"
Zeke: "It's not a wurnzie. It's a onesie."
Talia: "Do you like her onesie?"
Zeke: "Yes."

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