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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Zeke on where love comes from

Tonight Zeke was asking me about the function of different organs, and then he suddenly asked, "Which part of your body is in charge of love?" I told him it was the brain. This puzzled him because he thought it was the heart, but he came up with an explanation: 
"There's a little spark inside your brain that gets thrown into your heart. It does something to your brain that's weird but real, and makes you think that your heart stores love. 'Cause that little energy ball has love in it, so actually, your heart has love in it, and it turns it a little redder, gives it more blood. So actually that's the way the brain helps the heart. When you're five it does it. It helps you learn about love, and it helps you live longer. Everybody has it."

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Ali said...

That's adorable!

When I read it to Jeff, his reply: "Sounds like a pretty good description of the fourth chakra to me." ;)