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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another one-liner from Zeke

A few days ago Heather was with Zeke over at the neighbors' house. Zeke and his two-year-old friend next door were playing in the sand table. They were, I think, starting to irritate one another; there was a little bit of quarreling going on, maybe even a little sand-flinging. Our neighbor pulled her daughter aside for a moment to talk to her quietly about manners and behavior. While this was going on Zeke ran up from behind with a toy shovel full of sand and dumped it on her head. Needless to say, Heather took him home. Here was their exchange:

H.: Why did you do that?
Z.: Sometimes, I just feel like doing it.

Personally, I thought this was funny. I may be the only one, though.

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Anonymous said...

She WAS badly behaved that day.