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Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Just one more kiss"

As I noted in an earlier post, Zeke is -- and has been for a while -- very good when it comes to delaying the inevitable, i.e., bedtime. Tonight, however, he outdid himself. Here's the scene. I put him in bed, talk to him quietly for a few minutes, sing a lullaby, then sit quietly for a few more minutes, then say goodnight. Normally he objects and asks me to "sit quietly for one more minute", and these days, since Talia is sharing the room with him and I want to avoid having him wake her with his crying, I usually (against my better judgment) tend to oblige. Tonight, though, when I said "Good-night," he answered -- in an unusually sleepy voice -- "Night-night, daddy." I thought I was going to, pardon the expression, get lucky tonight.

Me: Sleep tight.
Z.: Sleep tight, daddy.
Me: See you in the morning. I love you.
Z.: I love you daddy.
(I rise to leave.)
Z.: I want to give you a hug.
(I lower myself again, give him a hug, and then head for the door.)
Z.: I want to give you one more kiss.
(I return to the bedside. Z. takes hold of my arm and kisses it probably thirty times. Finally, he gets bored and lays his head back down.)
Me: Night-night, Zeeky. I love you.
Z.: Daddy, sit quietly for one more minute.
And there we were again...

You gotta admit, that's pretty good. Who could resist?

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