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Friday, August 17, 2007

A technical note about "subscribing" to this blog

If you've been getting updates to this blog via email, you may have to re-subscribe. I'm making a couple of minor technical changes that might deactivate your subscription. It's also possible that you won't notice any difference. I'll put up a new short post tomorrow; if you get it, you'll know that your subscription is still working. If you don't, visit this website (Life-with-Zeeky.blogspot.com) and re-subscribe. Or: if you're not reading this blog via email, and you want to, why, you can subscribe too.

To subscribe by email, enter your address in the box at the top right of the screen. You can also click the gray "Subscribe to this feed" link at the bottom of this post, which will pop up a screen with a few more options.

This blogging system is set up to prevent spamming, so, unfortunately, there's no way I can add your address to the mailing list; you have to do it yourself.

One other thing: there's also a gray link at the bottom of each post labelled "Email this." That will let you send a copy of a post via email to whoever you want.

That concludes this technical bulletin. I hope you have, or have had, a pleasant weekend. They were forecasting a tornado here, but now they say it's not going to happen.

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